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Thanks To...

First I am happy to have the time to work on this stuff thanks to my employer:

Project Description

Plug this into SQL Server Reporting Services to create reporting based on your PowerShell scripts. The PowerShell DPE transforms your PowerShell output into a DataSet that can be consumed by SSRS.

Getting Started

Please read the friendly manuals, they might save you some time, or will just be a good place to look when something goes sideways.

Who is this for?

The code sample in this project are interesting if you match the following:
  • You have mad PowerShell skills and are really good at Get-*
  • You want to share your script results
  • You prefer PowerShell Scripting to TSQL and database

The goal in this project was to use the minimum amount of .NET code in my reporting efforts, and the maximum amount of PowerShell.
Also I am lazy and not incredibly talented at report building, but know some people that are very good at producing dazzling reports.

With SSRS, if I can use PowerShell to populate a DataSet, then it hooks up with the tools already familiar to SSRS folks.

Solution Components


An implementation of the interfaces required by SSRS for a Data Processing Extension.

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